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DynamicContext Mimics the injection process of an actual context. Use this class for unit testing purposes.


Inject Injects a value based on context bindings.
InjectParameter Injects a value based on signal parameters.
Optional Suppresses error logs on missing injection bindings.
Prioritize Prioritizes a context in the IoC+ Monitor


Command Can be executed as a response to a signal, set in a context.
Context An IoC container with injection, mediator and command bindings.
ContextRoot A monobehavior that instantiates a context of the given type on awake.
Mediator Takes control over a view instance of the given type.
Ref A class that can be used to inject a reference to an instance.
Refs A class that can be used to inject references to instances.
Signal Can be dispatched and listened to, with up to three parameters of given types.
View A monobehaviour that can listen and dispatch injected signals and can potentially be controlled by a mediator based on the context mediator bindings.


ICommandBinder An instance of this interface is returned by the context’s On() method.
IContext An IoC container that can nest contexts, set a context state and contain mediator instances.