IoC+ comes with the insightful IoC+ Monitor to get a live feed of what’s happening in code. The monitor window is opened by selecting Window -> IoC+ Monitor in the top bar of Unity.

Live Feed


Live Feed

The IoC+ Monitor gives a live feed of what is happening in code. Use it to share knowledge about the code base with a new team member, in a code review or just to debug your own creations.

The Sync, Delay and Pause buttons in the top bar allow you to control the pacing in which the IoC+ Monitor traverses through the events happening in code. Use the step button to traverse through events manually, so you can debug the order of executions.

The max number of recorded events is 999. When the events exceed this number, they will be traversed automatically.




Almost everything in the IoC+ Monitor is interactable to debug or prototype your game. Right-click a context to switch it to another context, switch its state, add a child context or even remove the context entirely.

Signals without parameters can be dispatched using the same technique. This is great for prototyping and development; you now have a functional test/cheat panel without having to write any extra code.

Everything in the IoC+ Monitor can be right-clicked to open the associated C-sharp file, making it really easy to get right to the code when you need to.




Use the Options button set your IoC+ Monitor preferences. You can choose what is shown and what is hidden so you can focus on what is important to you.

All bindings can be toggled individually or as a group. You can additionally toggle whether to show the mediator instances, namespaces and even hide the bindings the IoC+ framework sets by default.

These options are all stored in the Editor Preferences.