Inversion of Control in IoC+ An introduction to Inversion of Control and IoC+


Your first Context Learn how to make a context and assign a command to the EnterContextSignal.
Binding an Injection Learn how to inject a value into the command.
Views and Mediators Learn how to instantiate a view, bind a mediator and dispatch a signal to execute a command.
Command to Mediator Learn how to use a signal in a command to make a mediator act accordingly.
Signal Parameters Learn how to add parameters to a signal to configure a command’s execution.

Changing Context

Nested Contexts Learn how to add and remove child contexts that can overwrite injection and mediator bindings.
Switching Context Learn how to switch a context to set alternative bindings during run-time.
Context State Machine Learn how to use contexts as a state machine to enter and leave game states.

Advanced Components

Services Learn how to make services to easily switch between development and production requests.
Models Learn how to use models to store data that can be used by commands and mediators.

Automated Testing

How to Unit Test Learn how to use the DynamicContext to unit test commands and mediators.

Conventions and Patterns

Model Conventions Learn about conventional ways to use a model.
Abort Commands Learn about how to set up abort commands.